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Our Research Areas (Department of Mathematics)

1. Commutative Algebra (Dr. Rauf, Dr. Mahmood)

2. Homological Algebra (Dr. Mahmood)

3. Functional Analysis (Dr. Nazeer)

4. Bio Mathematics (Mr. Ahmad)

5. Cryptography & Security (Mr. Khan)

Our Publications (Department of Mathematics)

1) Shin Min Kang, Ljubomir B. Ćirić, Arif Rafiq, Faisal Ali and Young Chel Kwun

Faster multistep iterations for the approximation of fixed points applied to Zamfirescu operators

Abstract and Applied Analysis

Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 464593, 4 pages

2) Shin Min Kang, Arif Rafiq and Young Chel Kwun

Comment on "A note on Kang-Rafiq-Kwun iteration method for solving nonlinear equations"

Abstract and Applied Analysis

Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 232618, 2 pages

3) Nawab Hussain, D R Sahu and Arif Rafiq

Iteration scheme for common fixed points of hemicontractive and nonexpansive operators in

Banach spaces

Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2013, 2013:247

4) Shin Kang, Arif Rafiq, Faisal Ali and Young Kwun

Convergence analysis of Agarwal et al. iterative scheme for Lipschitzian hemicontractive mappings

Journal of Inequalities and Applications

2013, 2013:525

5) Guiwen Lv, Arif Rafiq and Zhiqun Xue

Implicit iteration scheme for two phi-hemicontractive operators in arbitrary Banach spaces

Journal of Inequalities and Applications

2013, 2013:521

6) Shin Kang, Arif Rafiq, Nawab Hussain and Young Kwun

Picard iterations for nonexpansive and Lipschitz strongly accretive mappings in a real Banach space

Journal of Inequalities and Applications

2013, 2013:319

7) Shin Min Kang, Arif Rafiq, Young Chel Kwun and Faisal Ali

Ishikawa iterative scheme for Lipschitzian Pseudocontractions

Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications

17 (4) (2014), 652-660

8) Nawab Hussain, Arif Rafiq and Mohammad Masjed-Jamei

Geneneralized Chebyshev inequalities with applications

Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications

16 (4) (2014), 751-763

9) Shin Min Kang, Arif Rafiq, Nawab Hussian and Dong Min Lee

On generalized Mann type implicit iteration method for two hemicontractive mappings in Hilbert


PanAmerican Mathematical Journal

23 (3) (2013), 36-53

Academic Resources (Department of Mathematics)

Library and computing resources of any university play a crucial role in the life of its students. Keeping this in mind, Lahore Leads University is extending this very important service to its student body and faculty members. Generally book collection including the oriental collection of the library is available to all members for borrowing. Other library collections, including, reference reserve and special collections. are also available for research and consultation. However, they are to be consulted within the library premises only, as they are non-issuable collections.
Internet Lab:
In order to keep pace with the advance communication technology in electronic and information era, computer networking cell, called Internet Lab, has been established in the university.
News Paper:
Library is subscribing 3 daily national leading newspapers in order to enhance the current affairs knowledge of its users
Open Access:
Leads library offers open access to its users. In open access, books, journals and other reading material are kept open on shelves rather than in closed, lock and key as this university library is basically research oriented. Readers have thus direct access to academic sources without any barrier.